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Syntegon needs no major presentations because we all know that it is the world's leading German group in technology and services.

Among Syntegon's diverse business areas, DT Internacional represents the industrial packaging technology division: Syntegon Packaging Technology. The product portfolio includes since filling, processing and packaging technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

To maintain the identity and individuality of the different companies that make up the services of the Syntegon division, the brands maintain the reference: Manesty, Huttlin, EISAI, SBM, Pharmatec, Moeller & Devicon, Syntegon Capsules and Filling Solutions (Crailsheim Factory) and solutions packaging (Waiblingen factory). The tradition, experience and recognition of the various companies that make up the Syntegon Packaging Technology division are synonymous with excellence, whether in the solid area or in the sterile area. Syntegon's different brands seek solutions for every challenge of our customers.

This may be the solution you are looking for and we, the DT Internacional team, know how to help!

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