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AI Holland has been a world leader in the production of punches and dies for over 70 years, becoming the world's oldest manufacturer of tablet compression tools.

The production of punches and dies at I Holland led to the development of several associated solutions, of which we highlight:

- Punches Polishing Systems;

- Puncture Storage Systems;

- Punches Cleaning Systems;

- Oil Seals of Various Types;

- Multi TIP punches;

- Formation and Training in the choice and maintenance of Punches;

At DT Internacional we will do our best to help our customers in all stages of the choice of punches, from the initial design of new tablets, to changes to existing products or the simple adaptation of the punch sets to the compressing machines.

Each punch and die is made to measure and suitable for the type of product to be compressed.

Have you ever thought that this could be the ideal solution you are looking for?

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