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Since the company's launch in 1993, Premier has become the world leader in the supply of 180º Pallet Inverters and Transfer Systems.


The Inverter can quickly recover damaged cards and bags, usually at the bottom of the stack. It means:

  • Better presentation of the cargo to your customers.

  • A cleaner warehouse - spills can be stopped quickly before nearby cargo is contaminated.

  • No need to disturb the wrapping with extensible or retractable films. (the damaged bag can be replaced and the load placed vertically).

  • Fewer disputes with customers about damaged goods received.

  • Better use of warehouse space. (Damaged loads are usually stacked, waiting for someone to have time to re-stack them by hand).

Remember, most damage is done to pallets while they are in transit or being picked up from one location to another. The better you store and reserve your own pallet stock, the less you will spend on repairing it. The Inverter gives you the flexibility to switch to the ideal pallet for each customer.

If you would like more information about Premier Pallet, do not hesitate to contact us or click on the button below.

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