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Vimachem is a global provider of serialization and digitization solutions, consolidating artificial intelligence and big data technologies.

Vimachem's philosophy of services and products combines an innovative GxP platform geared towards machine learning with specialized consulting services and validation of computerized systems (csv), which support our customers, in their journey of digital transformation to achieve compliance, the improvement of product quality, production and business excellence.


Track & Trace Solutions

Vimachem Level 3 Serialization Site Manager (SSM) is the largest online and network agnostic serialization software solution in the world and is part of the proven Digital Factory .


Designed by Vimachem to allow high performance, it is a software platform that bridges the gap between corporate IT systems (MES, ERP, etc.) and the different levels.


Vimachem offers a global serialization solution through its Level 3 Serialization Site Manager (SSM) software and its partnership with leading network providers (Tracelink, SAP, Arvato and more) and line equipment (Wipotec-OCS, Antares , Seavision, PCE and more).


Digital Factory Transformation

Vimachem Digital Factory combines innovative and fully configurable modules that improve product quality and operational efficiencies and reduce operational risks.


Using the “Industrial Internet of Things” (IIoT), all data, at the operational level, is collected and made available on the Cloud, allowing real-time analysis, remote monitoring and immediate action.


Fully integrated modules such as Site Manager , General Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Preventive Maintenance and Digital Logbooks (Digital Logbooks), use the power of automatic learning to optimize Industrial Manufacturing

Digitization of the production and supply chain

Increasingly competitive price and cost minimization requirements create the need for optimized operations and total supply chain management.


Vimachem supports our customers in the application of digital technologies and in making decisions based on real production data, allowing to improve planning accuracy and manufacturing productivity, with the ultimate goal of allowing better decisions based on real data, through support of large data systems and artificial intelligence.

The decision is yours, but Vimachem's software facilitates the correct analysis of all data. Challenge us!

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